As we grow up, we learn all kinds of things, but we often forget about our health.

without realizing it, we pick up unhealthy habits that we don't recognize as harmful.

until it's too late.

We believe a regular look in the mirror contributes to a healthier society.

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

World Health Organization (WHO)

We develop solutions to help people better understand their health and lifestyle.


By gathering and combining health and sensor data from various wearables and sources, we provide healthcare professionals valuable insights for analyzing and monitoring their clients.


Interactive courses led by trainers and health experts aim to raise health awareness and provide education. The courses can be Integrated into the platform for personalized health programs.

Our recent advances on the topic, working with our partners across various fields.

We ran a test case of the Mirror.Report platform with in4care at Tomorrowland where individuals were invited to take part in a year-long health checkup and monitoring using their health trackers.

Working with Hylyght, we help patients in the rehabilitation wing of AZ Maria Middelares track their vitals using the Mirror.Report platform. Their health care providers use this information to improve training programs and reduce the time patients spent in rehabilitation.

Together with the Belgian Health Insurer Helan we developed a digital coaching flow that adapts based on individual health parameter trends. Clients can improve their health literacy and build a healthier lifestyle, while we monitor the effects over time: more steps, lower weight, and increased sleep.

Nothing of significance is ever accomplished alone.

John C. Maxwell

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