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Centralizing your Health Data.

Create an intuitive dashboard with centralized health data
and become a better coach for your members.

  • All activity trackers in one place
  • Immediate visual insights
  • Reports of evolution over time

We believe that a "regular look in the Mirror" can create a healthier society.

Mirror.Report empowers health coaches and personal trainers with a centralized dashboard of their members' health data, to help you navigate more effectively from point A to point B. 

data analysis.

Combine all activity trackers and apps in one place, allowing you to give better and faster advice to your members.


Add value for
your members.

As a personal trainer or health coach, you'll be able to deliver more detailed advice to your member.


your revenue.

Mirror allows you to work in a much more data backed way, giving you the option to elevate your offer to your members. logo collage(6)

Visual cues and red flags.

Combine multiple activity trackers/apps in one overview and get immediate feedback on your member's stats.

Analyze your members’ steps, the average amount of REM sleep, burned calories, etc. without having to switch between tools with In one overview, you'll easily see the correlation between these metrics. How did your sleep affect your body fat percentage and how can you improve this balance? As a personal trainer, you'll be able to follow up on these stats in real-time, so you can intervene in time.

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Here to help you:

Become your best YOU. 


Ready to let your clients take a look in the Mirror?

Contact us for a free trial account, invite a client to link their activity tracker and experience the benefits yourself.